Markus Gnuechtel and Michael Triebswetter founded GTL Gnuechtel - Triebswetter landscape architects in 1991 in Kassel, the city of the world famous nature park, the upland called Wilhelmshoehe. GTL is also active in China, where there is, starting 2005, a shared Peking office with Rainer Schmidt landscape architects. In 2007 the opening of a further office location followed in Duesseldorf.

The owners’ credo: to realise innovative designs with best possible perfection in detailed planning and project management. Participating in numerous competitions – usually announced as pan-European competitions – gives the office the opportunity to constantly break new grounds in conceptual thinking and in the final realisation and presentation of its design ideas.

Numerous awards in competitions – among them 30 mostly highest awards, e.g. the internationally highly recognised first award for Pier 40 (with TECarchitecure, Los Angeles) in Manhattan, New York, and several national and international Landscape Design Awards reflect GTL’s constant thrive for the best possible result.
When competing for the design, which is contemporary, and complies with the planning task, the basic questions at the beginning and during the design process are, however, simple: What is the spirit of the location? Were there formal and historical ideas and concepts in the past, which are related to the task? Can these historical concepts be translated into contemporary concepts of shape and material? How is the design integrated in the cultural context? The human being is in the centre of all thoughts: his longing for beauty, his love of nature as well as of art, his need for calmness as well as for hurly-burly, for certain security and excessive surprise, the way he loves to revel in memories, as well as the need for integration in the cultural context of his time.
As the task differs from project to project by nature, the replies to the basic planning tasks must turn out differently, too. Committed to the clarity of modernity and to the poetry of garden design motives and surprising design in their materials and use of details, the subsequent projects show a representative profile from the works of GTL.
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